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Naomi van Dijck & Vera Mennens

This duo show brings together works and ideas that were discussed in conversations, in letters but primarily during research trips.

"In 53 kilometers hold right and take exit 49 Weimar/Jena."
- 53 Kilometers… what would that be? Like, 25 minutes?
— To the exit, yes.
- Oh, right... we will still be in some nowhere land. To us – obviously.
— It doesn’t seem like a place I’ve never been before. Traveling together, and particularly traveling with you, never feels like I’m stepping out of my personal trail of thoughts. We might have different reasons to be at the destination, but we have a similar way in getting there.
- The car acts like a bubble that way, a sphere we can be together in. But I don’t think it’s primarily the speed of the metal; bubbles are spheres that temporarily transport you to a different place, not physically but mentally. Like trailing of... well, we do that a lot!
— Yes, the trailing… It’s more like a shift in focus I suppose, or a non-linear way of researching. Because we take on quite durational projects, time has its ways with the methods of working. Sometimes, time passes unnoticeable, sometimes things seem to take ages – the same goes for practicing or driving a car if you will.
- But that shift in focus always derives from a particular perspective; it’s not like ‘anything goes’. That would be like driving the car off the road right here.
— Please don’t.
- But you see what I mean right? To be that romantic we should have been born in Weimar two centuries ago – and arguably male. When we accumulate a multitude of things (or trail off, if you will), it’s not just to create meaning, but also for those things to enter a new cycle in the ecology of the thing we’re trying to talk about.
— Well, we are ourselves part of this historiographical stream we’re trying to talk about. That nowhere land you just wanted to drive into, doesn’t meet our horizon and we are therefore in no capacity of bringing it into this stream.
- Yes, nowhere land… to us – obviously. But as subjective as that might sound, I think the outcomes that are formed by this method are more inclusive through their complexity and confusion, by avoiding a patronizing form of clarification to become the result of a research process.
— But we aren’t shy of scientific methods and resources either; working and thinking through different disciplines to arrive at a particular thought.
- I suppose that’s not the same as leaving the artistic territory, not in a linear way at least. As in a non-linear practice, it is as essential to look at art’s place of departure as it is to look at its point of arrival.
"At the following exit, hold right in the direction of Weimar/Jena."