I Need A Rhythm
Bergur Thomas Anderson, Mylan Hoezen, Larisa David & Karen Huang

We started from the notion of forming a support group leading up to the exhibition at hand by cooking soups together in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Once in a while, we would talk about our practices. Most of the time, we would talk about at what times of the year we could survive days without alcohol, cigarettes, gluten, and sugar. We spoke about being the perfect artist if we combined our powers; The Mover, The Speaker, The Singer, and The Director… Is the perfect artist the perfect human being? Consciously being socially strategic and showing good moral behavior in public is what brings us together in the show. We also have the need to disrupt and upset those flattening patterns, so the question becomes: how to create a space to support, direct and misbehave together? For one night only we will create a space where we may interfere and guide each other's bodily practices through our distinct characteristics and the needs that each of us brings in to the soup.

I need to practice.
I need a routine.
I need to misbehave.
I need a rhythm.