dig! dig! dig!
Minne Kersten & Jorik Amit Galama

For decades no plant had sprung up. Sometimes a dry cloud floated over the cracked land and took the shape of an animal or a trolley bus without passengers. But one day a miracle took place and water poured out of the sky turning dust into furious mud streams. Brown waves splashed around in joy and brought bones, seeds, nuts, copper sculptures and a time capsule to the surface. Among the worthless treasures in the time capsule was a diary written by a middle aged woman that had once lived on the land. After her children had left the house she hired a contractor to make a hole in the back of her garden with the following measurements: length 20 meter, width 15 meter, depth 6 meter. On the bottom an exact replica of her house was build. With the greatest care she moved all her belongings from the original house to the house in the hole. Then the hole was filled until only the chimney was sticking above the earth. Sometimes she would walk to the back of the garden, kneel in front of the chimney and listen very carefully.