Drum Buzzer
Ghislain Amar, Tracy Hanna, Erika Roux, Victor Santamarina & Sophie Varin

I was I used to be a hussy
A hustler
Not wasting time
This A
Constant circle in motion buzz

You made it
This mess
Mop it up
Lick it off the floor
Didn’t just lick it off the floor
Like all the rest
You’re just like all the rest
This like
As if you couldn’t relax
Cus well it was some kind of
But like back and forth and back
But like banging

I like
I like the way you look
I used
I used to
Like I used to feel it

You work in ways
In lots of ways
Making motion
And waste
I’m stressing waste

You stop
You hear it
Their name
That person
A feeling
And tingle

It’s like you push
You push their button
And buttons
And you hear voices
When you do
You do things
To me
But it’s alright