Helena Aðalsteinsdóttir, Josephine Van Schendel & Phed Flip

* a sudden outburst - ashes aside for baked ground
* as from vulcan or a geyser - she said;...“once we are on the road we leave the smoke behind”...
* it starts suddenly with a lot of noise

ih-ruhp-shuhn will cause ’explosions like cannon fire at irregular intervals’. The phantom presence in the midst of your surrounding, the destructive actor as the source of mischief and the ancient spirit crashing into the current incandescent aura.
The shadow that casts over us today, will be illuminated by Helena Aðalsteinsdóttir, PhED FLIP and Josephine van Schendel. They shine light over the corporeal behavior within interiors, lay bare the destructive mentality of the disinterest and unfold the synthetic and the extrinsic by freezing them, like solified magma, into sculptures and installations. WARNING; ih-ruhp-shuhn, will tune towards a thousand degrees.