Life Without Negativity
Isabel Cordeiro, Paula Albuquerque, Anton Halla & Maxime Favre
in collaboration with There is a wall to be crossed, and I am the wall & Justina Nekrašaitė

(...) this exhibition is a sort of 'field experiment' whereby two different operating planes are set in motion, unfolding alongside each other within the at7 space: On one level, the sketching of a dimension of phantasmic indexicality that manifests itself in the encounter between different works, with their singular corporealities, in space. On another level, the aligning of the aforementioned dimension to a realm of vitalisitc fantasies (Graw). A realm we (humble humans) enact through the projection of intersubjective relations with the works, once again, with their singular corporealities, in space. In the intersections of these two operating planes we may (or may not) perceive glimpses of what “life without negativity” (Tomšič) potentially is: a life force, or elan vital, that is expressed freely and autonomously without encountering limitations, no obstacles, or conflicts (Graw). Achievable? Not sure, but why not try? (...)